Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Taking a Turn for the Better

So remember my uncharted post, life sure does send you some curve balls. Just two weeks ago, my heart was set on getting into the BYUI nursing program and becoming a nurse.Today, I have a new goal, the Physician's Assistant Program. Call me indecisive, I know I am! At least it is not a completely different occupation. I am still in the health profession. I am just getting to do more things, in my opinion. This is just one of those things where everything is falling into place perfectly, and you know Heavenly Father is pushing you towards it.
So here's the deal. During the fall, while I was still filling out my nursing application, I actually looked in to PA schools. I thought that after I got my bachelors in nursing, depending on where I would be in my life, I would go back to school and become a PA. I put it out of my mind until recently when this advertisement on the homepage of my BYUI account caught my eye. The advertisement read "Interested in becoming a Physician's Assistant?" My immediate answer, in my head of course, was Yes! "Come to a meeting on January 27 to find out more information." I was so excited after just seeing those words! I knew there was a reason that I saw that. Exactly one week later, I was at the meeting but a little late, so I didn't feel like I got all of the information. What I did get out of the meeting, I called and talked with my mom,and she relayed the information to my dad. I had a decision to make, nursing of physician's assistance. I decided to find out all the information I could. I called my brother-in-law the dentist, or Alan, and asked what he thought of the idea. Everything was sounding amazing, and I was getting excited the more I talked and thought about it, but I still didn't feel like I had all the information. I emailed the advisor for the program, and he said to stop by. That's what I did today. I stopped by, and we talked for about an hour. He was so so helpful. I guess I keep forgetting that I now go to school where people actually care if and help you succeed. In high school, the counselors claimed that they "cared," but they sure didn't act like it. Here, it's way different.
The advisor told me the amount of credits I have is perfect for the program this year. He told me my grades are great! The PA program is a deal with a school in Philadelphia called Salus University. The school guarantees four spots in their program to BYUI students. I will apply this spring, and if I get in I will go to Philadelphia in August of 2012. I will do a year of school, and then I will come back to Southeast Idaho for a year to do clinicals, and then I will be able to get my PA license. Because I have been taking the classes for the nursing program, I am a little behind. So these next few months, I will be volunteering at the hospital while calling PAs and asking if I can shadow them,so I can get experience. The advisor told me I have a really good chance of getting in. The only thing that would keep me from the program is not getting enough experience, or some other applicant and I competing for a spot with them having taken the general chemistry classes in college.
It just feels great when things work out. There have been so many tender mercies for me during the past few weeks. I don't know if I will get in, but if I don't, there are other ways for me to become a PA. I am so excited to see how this all turns out.

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